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Window accesories

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The genuine

window pulley

The  original  and genuine  window  pulley  which  has  led

the market for more than 20 years.

The pulley wheel is designed with a central channel in which the smaller wire rope

goes, so that it doesn’t interfere with the main wire rope.

The special design of the case, with the pulley protected along its whole perimeter,

makes it impossible for the wire rope to get out of the pulley.

This is how we manufacture them:

A variety  of  pulleys  and  supports  allow

us to adapt to every facility, making turns

and deviations when needed.

Manufactured  with  high

quality polyamide, which

gives it resistance to  the


Manual winches

With automatic brake.

A wide variety of winches for farm windows.

We have various models of winches with automatic brakes and high hoist capacities

from 550 kg to 950 kg.

We also have more economical winches, with  manual  brakes  and  hoist  capacities

between 250 kg and 550 kg.

With manual brake.

Automatic winches

·    Fast installation

·    Easy to use

·    Great reliability

·    Excellent durability

Easy to use.

The control box has three buttons, which are used to program 

the   desired   temperature.  The  microcontroller  adjusts  the 

windows to achieved the input temperature.

Minimum and maximum window height.

The   microcontroller    allows  the  input   of  a  minimum  and 

maximum   window   height  percentage. This  function  allows 

to limit the window height to a particular range.

Optical end of stroke.

Avoids faults caused by mechanical ends of stroke by using an

optical end of stroke that never wears out.

Minimal energy consumption.

Thanks  to  its  well-thought  electromechanical  design,  it  only 

consumes 1.2A@12V (14.4W).

High autonomy.

It provides a high degree of autonomy due to its built-in batteries.

Hoisting capacity: 600 kg.

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Extremely simple configuration,

with only three buttons.

The device can be supplied both 220V or 12V. If 220V

are used, an emergency  backup  battery  will  kick  in

in case of blackout.

Anti-bird net

Our anti-bird mesh  is  manufactured

using  electro-welded    galvanised

wire, which  is then plastified  for  a 

greater durability even in the worst 


The  anchoring  plug  of  the anti-bird

mesh  eases  it’s  installation, as simply

drilling a hole in the wall and plugging 

the anchoring plug  attaches  the  net 

to the  wall  firmly, without  any  need 

for screws.

This is how we manufacture them:

The splines on the plug provide

an excellent grip to the wall.

Best slip.

We manufacture three different models of guides for windows, and that allows us to adapt to the needs of every facility.

Manufactured using PVC, and thus avoiding corrosion problems, it performs better than other guides thanks to a 9 mm inner size and a greater separation from the wall, which assists a better glide of the window.

Inner size: 38mm x 9mm

Better adjustment.

Manufactured using PVC, its smaller inner size of 6 mm and an ever smaller separation from the window ensure a better attachment and isolation.

Inner size: 36mm x 6mm

Even tougher.

Manufactured using anodized aluminium, it provides an excellent glide and adjustment to the wall, avoiding air getting inside. Thanks to the toughness of aluminium, it is an excellent guide to be placed on irregular walls.

Inner size: 24mm x 7mm