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Anti-stress ball


Anti-stress Ball

-        Avoids tail biting.

-        Reduces the number of deaths due to fights.

-        Calmer, less stressed pigs.

Objective: great quality meat

The energy required for the muscular activity on a living animal is obtained from sugars present

in muscles. In a healthy and rested animal, the transformation of these sugars make the meat

tender and tasty.

But if the animal is stressed, all sugars are consumed and the quality of the meat is worse.

                                                                             How we manufacture them:

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Orange     anti-stress     ball,  manufactured

in resistant and durable material.

In accordance  with  the  current  legislation

and our commitment with animal well-being

and good-quality meat production, FAVEGA 

provides   an   excellent  anti-stress  system 

for the fattening phase.