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Pedestrian doors

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PVC-Aluminium door

PVC doors with lacquered aluminium frame 

and perimetral sealing.

Stainless steel anchorings.

We custom-tailor them if needed.

Medidas Standard:




The door  is  designed so  that  one  single

leaf can be installed to be open  leftwards

or rightwards, by simply turning it around

and attaching the handle.

The pedestrian PVC door is specifically

designed for farms.

Its single-leaf design with a  big flap  guarantees

a  perfect  sealing   without  having  to  mount  a 

frame, which in the end the animals will break.

Manufactured   using    materials   such   as  PVC,

aluminium and stainless steel, it is very hygienic, 

easy to clean and durable.

Sliding door

Door manufactured with 35-mm-thick PVC,

a very hygienic and easy to clean material.

Due to its internal structure, the PVC panel

is very strong and light.

All anchorings, guides, etc are manufactured

using stainless steel.