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Manure mixer

-    No need to move the slats.

-    Equipped with a winch.

-    Easy to transport.

-    Super-elastic solid wheels.

In farms where manure is too thick and doesn’t flow through  the

pits, it’s needed to mix it with water to make it less viscous.

To solve this problem, we manufacture the manure mixer, with which you can  dilute and

homogenize manure in a simple manner, without moving the slats.

The blade of the mixer is placed inside a slit and with the hand winch it can be positioned

at the desired height.

It can be moved by a single person.

Width: 66cm

Depth: 85cm

Motor power: 2HP

Drain balls

Balls for manure pit drains, manufactured in

plastic with stainless steel rings.

We manufacture it in two diameters, 150 mm

and 250 mm.

The ball must be filled with water or sand to

make it heavier.

Ball for manure pit drain, manufactured in 

solid rubber, with stainless steel ring.

This model is manufactured with 150 mm,

200 mm and 250 mm diameters.