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BIX Drinking Bowl

for maternity

Drinking bowl manufactured in AISI304 stainless steel.

Specially big capacity for sows in maternity.

Bowl with big water capacity.


- Width: 20 cm.

- Height: 17 cm.

- Depth: 20.5 cm.

Constant water

level valve

-     Maximizes the ingestion of wet feed.

-     The pig has access to a big volume of  water,

      essential for milk production.

-     It reduces the maintenance labour of nipple

      valves, springs, etc.

-     More effective handling limiting or supplying

      the required amount of water depending  on

      the animal’s state.

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The valve keeps a constant  water  level  in

the bowl, without the need for  the animal

to operate any mechanism.

How we manufacture them: