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Constant water level

Fresh water at all times

-     Constant water supply.

-     Reduces stress and improves nutrition.

-     50% less wasted water.

-     Less manure.

-     Less waste of medication.

-     Adjustable water level.

-     Individual opening and closing

The constant water level  valve VNC can be used with  any  stainless

steel bowl.

With this system a maximum  water  saving  is  achieved, as  well  as

clean water and the desired amount of water in each drinking bowl.

A minimal amount of pressure is required by the valve, 0.05 atm.

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Removing the need for interaction

with  the  valve  from  the  animals

avoids  malfunctions like  those  in

nipple valves.

How we manufacture them:

BIX-4 Drinking Bowl

Drinking bowl manufactured in 1.5mm-thick AISI304

stainless steel, with reinforcement folds to provide

a better resistance.


- Width: 11.5 cm.

- Height: 14 cm.

- Depth: 12.5 cm.

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The   piglets   can   drink   easily  and 

without  wasting water.

Both   the   bowl  and   the  valve  are 

manufactured  entirely   in   stainless 

steel and robustly, which guarantees

a long duration.

BIX-5 Drinking Bowl

A drinking bowl ideal for weaning, and by

design it  avoids  the  animals  defecating

inside it.


- Height: 11.5 cm.

- Width: 18.5 cm.

- Depth: 13 cm.

View more installations                                                                           How we manufacture them:

We manufacture it with 2 mm-thick AISI304

stainless    steel,   which   gives   it   a   great

resistance and durability.

BIX-5 Double

Drinking Bowl

Bigger width and double valve.

We manufacture the double BIX 5  drinking  bowl  with

a bigger width and two valves, so  that piglets can have

easier access and so that  several  piglets can  drink  at

the same time.

The drinking bowl is supplied with the water inlets

pipes and valves.

All manufactures use AISI304 stainless steel,

which guarantees a long lifetime.


- Width: 35 cm.

- Height: 20 cm.

- Depth: 13 cm.

BIX-4 Double

Drinking Bowl


- Width: 34 cm.

- Height: 14 cm.

- Depth: 13 cm.

Drinking bowl designed specifically for weaning piglets.

With a double-width bowl so  that  several  piglets  can 

drink at the same time.

Manufactured  completely  in  AISI304  stainless  steel,

to guarantee a long lifetime.

Bemi Drinking Bowl

We manufacture the BIG Drinking Bowl

with a stamping process, so  we  obtain

a   one-piece   bowl,   without  weldings,

leaving the interior completely rounded,

without any edges.

Manufactured completely in AISI304 stainless steel, which 

provides an excellent durability. Used for weanig piglets.

Designed with a perimetral reinforcement which makes

the bowl more rigid and avoids damage to the animals.


- Width: 11 cm.

- Height: 16 cm.

- Depth: 9 cm.

Begran Drinking Bowl

We manufacture the BIG  drinking  bowl  with a  stamping  process, so  we 

obtain a one-piece bowl, without weldings, leaving the interior completely 

rounded, without any edges.

Both the bowl and the valve are manufactured in  stainless  steel  and  are 

used for fattening and weaning.

Designed with a perimetral reinforcement which

makes the bowl more  rigid  and  avoids damage 

to the animals.


- Width: 34 cm.

- Height: 14 cm.

- Fondo: 13 cm.

B3 Drinking Bowl

As a  more  economical drinking bowl  solution  for 

weaning  and  maternity, we  manufacture  the  B3 

trough in fiber and with a stainless steel valve.

Thanks to the sensibility of the  valve, the  drinking 

bowl can be used with piglets from first day.


- Width: 15 cm.

- Height: 17 cm.

- Depth: 20 cm.