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Automatic dispensers opening


Automatic dispensers unloading

Programmer for 6  dispensers lines.

Opens and closes the dispensers at

the programmed times.

Up to 4  open-close  cycles  per  day.

Accuracy: Programs precisely the meal times, which provides a better balance in the animals nutrition 

and reduces stress.

Comfort: Allows to have longer times between meals without needing personnel inside the farm.

Functionality: The animals  eat  more peacefully, as they can  eat  before  workers  start  their workday.

External agents will not affect the animal’s nutrition.

Economy: Workers will not have to feed the animals manually, because they will already have been fed

when they start working.

Relay  contact  to  activate  filling  motor 

once  the open-close cycle is done.

Input voltage: 220 V.

Output voltage: 24 V.