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Automatic winches


Automatic winches

·    Fast installation

·    Easy to use

·    Maximum reliability

·    Durability

Easy to use.

The   control   box  has  three  buttons  with  which  the  desired

temperature is set. The microcontroller will move  the  windows

up or down according to achieve the desired temperature.

Max. and min. window height.

The  microcontroller allows  a  maximum  and  minimum  height

percentage. This  function   allows   for  minimum  ventilation  in 

summer and a partial opening of the windows in winter to avoid  

the air hitting the animals directly.

Optical end of stroke.

Avoids  malfunctions  like  those  on  mechanical  end  of stroke

systems due to the high  amount of work  they  have to do, and 

the optical  sensor does not wear out.

Minimal energy consumption.

Thanks to its electrical and mechanical design: 1.2A, 12V provides maximum autonomy without electric supply.


Due to its perfect and equilibrated reduction system, the motor has a big load capacity: 600kg.

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Very easy to use, with just three 

buttons   the   user  can  set  the 

desired   temperature  and  max. 

and min. height.

The divice can be supplied both 220V or 12V.

It has an emergency battery that activated in

case of power outage.