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Downing piece

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Two sizes:

-For ØT75 tubes 

-For ØT90 tubes 

Downing piece with

superfast system:

It  allows for  a  fast  installation   and   easy

maintenance,  as  it   can  be   opened   and

closed from the ground.

Good protection against dust and moisture.

Manufactured in two diameters, 75mm and


The assembly of the piece is very fast, it attaches perfectly to the tubes without any need for screws.

This is how we manufacture them                                                                                            View more installations 



T75 Adjustable downing


The outlet tube be oriented sideways,  providing

a  better  adaptation   to  the  facility.

It includes  a  cut-off  spatula,  so  you  can  easily

allow or disallow the pass of feed.


How we manufacture them:

Downing piece for all

transport tubes diameters

We manufacture a wide variety of downing pieces, and that lets us adapt to the needs of every facility. Our downing piece diameters range from 125 to 55 mm, including also 90 and 75mm pieces, all of them having an individual cut-off spatula.