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Maternity and weaning

control-ambiental          control-ambiental

Hygienic and durable

-        Fast installation

-        Durable

-        Maximum hygiene

-        Robust                                                                                                                                               35 mm girth

-        Inexpensive

-        Multiple uses

PVC is a very hygienical and easy to clean material, appropriate for livestock applications

such as walls, gates, dividers…

The D35 PVC wall is widely used in weaning and maternity as a separator  and  as  a  gate

for stalls.

Complementary to the panel, we also manufacture stainless steel posts  and  anchorings.

We manufacture a wide variety of PVC panel models for multiple livestock applications.

How we manufacture it:                    View more installations

Stainless steel posts

Stainless   steel  posts

for weaning.

Safety closing system


Height: 70 cm.

The handle eases opening and avoids the panel

being lifted by the animals.

Stainless steel posts

for maternity.

Height: 50 cm