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Slat accessories

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Cover Slat

Adapt your slats

With our “Cover Slat” profile, you can easily adapt  your concrete  slat

to the animal well-being legislation.

The “Cover Slat” profile is inserted in the slit and attaches to it  with  a

cone activated with a stainless steel screw, without any need to move

or change slats.

-      It adapts your slats to the animal  well-being  legislation.

-      It improves the animal’s well-being.

-      Easy and fast installation.

-      Improves the well-being of the animals, providing them

       a bigger surface.

-      Adaptable to every slat length.

-      Sold in 3m-long bars for a better use of the material.

Confort Slat

Wean to Finish

More comfortable slats.

Adapt  the slats  to  the

animal           well-being


-      It adapts your slats to the animal well-being


-      It improves the animal’s well-being.

-      Adaptable to every slat length.

-      Easy and fast installation

-      Easy to remove.

-      Easy installation, screws are not needed.

With the “Comfort Slat” profile, the slit is reduced from 18mm to 

14mm, so it is suitable for small piglets.

On  the  other  hand, the  comfort  o f the  animals  is  improved,

because  PVC   is   friendlier  to  them, as  it  is  not   as  cold  and 

humid as concrete.

Fiberglass flat bar

Fiberglass  flat   bar  specially

designed  to  support   plastic

slats     in      maternity     and


Fiberglass  is  a very  resistant 

material, easy   to   clean  and 

unalterable  even in corrosive


We provide it in two heights, 80mm or 120mm, and  in normal  and  reinforced  formats.

The 120mm flat bar is used in weaning for piglets up to 30kg and  a  maximum distance 

between supporting points of 2.80m.

The 120mm reinforced flat bar can  be  used  in  maternity  with  a  maximum  distance

between supports of 2.40m.

The 80mm flat bar can be used in weaning for piglets up to 20kg and  with  a  maximum

 distance between supports of 2.40m.

The 80mm reinforced flat bar can  be  used  in  weaning  for  piglets  up  to  25kg  and  a 

maximum distance between supports of 2.40m.